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8 October 2015 Comments Off

Test drive the 2015 Ford Escape at Future Ford or Sacramento and SMILE!

The 2015 Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV that comes in three trim levels: S, SE and Titanium. Standard in the 2015 Ford Escape is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, which is powered with 168 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque. However, the SE and Titanium trims come standard with a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder, which produces 178 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. If that was not enough, the SE and Titanium trim levels come with an optional turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, which gives out 240 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque.


6 October 2015 Comments Off

The 2015 Ford Super Duty F-250 is here at Future Ford of Sacramento!

The 2015 Ford Super Duty F-250 is available with two or four wheel drive in three cab styles including: two-door regular cab, four-door extended cab (SuperCab) and four-door crew cab. The extended cab has rear-hinged, access-style rear doors and the crew cab has four full-size conventional-opening doors. Likewise, both can be equipped with either a standard (6.8-foot) or long (8-foot) cargo bed, however, the regular cab is available only with the long bed.


4 October 2015 Comments Off

The redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang is at Future Ford of Sacramento and ready for YOU!

Ford is making big changes in the 2015 Mustang by fully redesigning it. Tremendous additions bring the 2015 Mustang into the fuel-efficient future without sacrificing any of the sophistication or performance for which Mustangs are known and loved. The redesign leads to a more refined interior and a wide range of engine options as well as new rear suspension provides better handling and ride dynamics. In fact, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, Ford has put a few new special features under the hood. With low financing and dealer discounts offered by Future Ford of Sacramento, all of those amazing features can be yours.


2 October 2015 Comments Off

The Ford Flex is a top choice and available at Future Ford of Sacramento!

Among large, seven-passenger family crossovers, the 2015 Ford Flex is a top choice. This crossover offers stunning high-tech features with a spacious interior and dynamic driving capabilities. Outstanding visibility and an excellent turbocharged engine option are just a couple of qualities that make purchasing a 2015 Ford Flex a no-brainer. High-performance and power that doesn’t sacrifice functionality and fuel economy is just what you will find with the 2015 Ford Flex. Future Ford of Sacramento will help you drive away in confidence while saving up to thousands of dollars on your new 2015 Ford Flex.


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30 September 2015 Comments Off

Future Ford of Sacramento has the 2015 Ford Taurus ready for a test drive!

The Ford Taurus charges into 2015 with an appealing and refreshing rendition of the all-time favorite, classic full-size American sedan. With additions like a comfortable interior and conveniently large trunk space, the new features of the 2015 Ford Taurus are enough to get you driving to the lot today. Future Ford of Sacramento will make sure you drive away in confidence in the 2015 Ford Taurus that fits your lifestyle at a price that you will love.


30 September 2015 Comments Off

The 2015 Ford F-350 is a top truck and ready for you at Future Ford of Sacramento!

The Ford F-350 charges into 2015 with an optional, revised turbodiesel engine resulting in improved horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency and greater towing capacity. Even without the 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine, the 2015 Ford F-350 promises high-power performance with a wide variety of innovative technological features designed to bring you reliability and comfort. Future Ford of Sacramento will make sure you drive away in confidence in the 2015 Ford F-350 that fits your lifestyle at a price that you will love.


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23 September 2015 Comments Off

Ford lovers are all looking forward to the 2017 Ford GT! Keep up thanks to Future Ford of Sacramento!

“Engineered to keep company with exotics” is how Ford is now referring to the latest Detroit auto show debut, the 2017 GT hypercar. According to recent reports, the 2017 Ford GT’s concept appearance wasn’t a great surprise based on Ford’s recent display of remarkable vehicles. As we learned months ago that Ford was taking a new GT to Le Mans in 2016. However, as the 2017 GT showed up onto the stage at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena, Ford kept giving a much excited crowd incredible information and stats that had consumer’s jaws dropping. The 2017 Ford GT packs more than 600 horsepower and utilizes full carbon-fiber construction and body panels. Likewise, it has active aerodynamics and is poised to not only keep company with other exotics, but perhaps also forces them to step up their automotive game.


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21 September 2015 Comments Off

Future Ford of Sacramento has the AWESOME 2015 Ford Expedition!

The 2015 Ford Expedition is a full-size, traditional body-on-frame SUV offered in two incredible body styles. Standard features are plentiful including automatic headlights, running boards, a roof rack, heated mirrors and much more. Powering the 2015 Ford Expedition is a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 pumping out an awesome 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. Properly equipped, the Expedition can pull an astounding 9,200 pounds.


19 September 2015 Comments Off

Future Ford of Sacramento tells you all about the upcoming 2016 Ford Fusion!

The 2.3-liter engine has been substantially altered from the version that powers the new Mustang, and comes with a new low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger and a bigger intercooler, along with a revised cylinder head and stronger cast-iron cylinder liners. Ford has also promised a free-revving top end with a maximum rev limit of 6800 rpm.


17 September 2015 Comments Off

THE BRONCO IS BACK! Check it out at Future Ford of Sacramento!

Ford has always been known to build tough trucks that maintain an exterior this is both sexy and attractive. There is no doubt that there are many interesting innovations when we look at the redesigned Bronco. There is a rumor that the new Bronco will be based loosely off the Ford Atlas platform, with a major influence by the previous 2004 model. When it comes to the exterior look, the body of the 2016 Bronco is modern and features more curves than before and has an impressive aerodynamic design, which revolutionizes the appearance of the truck.